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Foundation Matthew 633, Inc. is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. The specific purpose of the corporation is as follows: a. To solicit and receive contributions, purchase, own and sell real and personal property, to make contracts, to invest corporate funds, to spend corporate funds for corporate purposes, and to engage in any activity in furtherance of, incidental to, or connected with any of the other purposes. b. To provide decent, affordable accessible housing for low and moderate income persons, veterans, persons with disabilities, and the aging.c. Provide vital transportation services to people with disabilities to assist them in maintaining independent living.

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Patricia Taylor is the founder and CEO of Foundation Matthew 633, Inc. a nonprofit organization which has for mission to take care of the basic needs of individuals and families living in the communities of Escondido, California and surrounding areas. Inspired by the words of Jesus Christ, in the Book of Matthew, they reach out to those who are the most vulnerable in order to help them gain stability in their lives. During this time, she has hosted food distributions in partnership with food banks, toy drives in partnership with Toys for Tots, and clothing drives. They then help with transportation, skills training, mentoring, and other services to give community members a sense of social and economic inclusion.



Born in Ivory Coast, Patricia came to the United States in 1991. After starting school and learning English, she worked for the County of San Diego at the Health and Human Services Agency for 14 years. In 2016, she resigned from her position to start Foundation Matthew 633, Inc. because she felt the need to get closer to the members of the community she lives in. With compassion, empowerment, pragmatism, faith, and accountability, she hopes the organization will help those in need move forward in their lives to a better future; that the stability they gain will translate to increased self-confidence in their own abilities; and that its compassionate care will extend beyond those it immediately serves.



Patricia is also a mother to 3 sons and 1 daughter, currently residing in North San Diego County.

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